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Atlas pera ptica / Feather atlas

This website is designed to provide easier identification of Croatian birds of prey. High resolution scans typically illustrate dorsal surfaces of primary, secondary and tail feathers. Ventral wiew is provided in species where patterns are different from upper (dorsal) surface (e.g., in European Eagle Owl).
Feather atlas is ongoing project and will be continually add new scans.

All scans are prepared on an Epson Expression 10000XL scanner (LaserSoft imaging software), at a high resolution of 800 dpi, and at a 48 bit color depth. Original scans are archived at the Udruga sokolarski centar (USC)-animal forensic laboratory. Adobe Photoshop CS5 is used to prepare original scans for this website and all images are presented in JPEG format at resolution of 300 dpi.
Data on scanned feathers include type of feather (primary, secondary, tail), species (english, latin and croatian name), age (immature, adult, unknown), wiew (dorsal, ventral) sex (male, female, unknown), measurement of feathers length ( in centimeters) and accession number in the USC animal forensic lab collection.


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Euroasian buzzard
European Eagle owl
Golden eagle
Honey buzzard
Peregrine falcon
Red footed falcon
Saker falcon
Scops owl
Ural owl
Long eared owl